Car chooser

Starting with list price, enter the criteria which matter most to you in choosing your car.

Initially select "any" for your secondary criteria, as it is easy to narrow the search later. Output is limited to the best 100 cars meeting your search criteria.

Input the range of On-the-road official list prices for vehicles under consideration.

  Minimum price
Maximum price
Number of seats
Body Style  
Body styles are very dependent on the number of doors,so you may only need to select on doors or body style, leaving the less important criteria as "any".
NCAP rating  
Beware that NCAP cover one model in a range, so you may need to check the safety features included.
Fuel type
Alternative covers all duel fuel lpg,cng and electric hybrids
Potential 100% discount re London congestion charge
Average fuel economy better than(in mpg )  
Average is currently 40.6 mpg
Engine size in litres
Acceleration 0 to 62 mph faster than (in seconds)  
Maximum Speed faster than (in mph)  

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